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Facebook is a platform that is used to share videos and other media content. Users will face the restriction to download any kind of media directly from Facebook. But, the FBDown.Net.In solves this issue and you can use this online platform for downloading the media directly on your device storage. Sometimes, you can see videos on FB but these are private, you want to download them. FBDown.Net.In allows you to acquire these FB private videos on your device without any difficulty. You can use this remarkable platform and download these private videos quickly on your device. FBDown.Net.In is a powerful tool that you can use to download any media including private videos of any user quickly. The downloading method is simple and you can get the videos within seconds on your device storage.

How To Download Facebook Private Videos Using FBDown.Net.In?

Here are the two types of methods for downloading private videos on your device. You must follow these instructions and get the private videos from Facebook. The following are both methods explained:

Method 1:

Find the private video

Access using a computer.
Locate the private video that you like to download, then choose the time of publishing.

Source Code for Access Pages

To read the source code of the page, use Ctrl+U on Windows or ⌘-Option-U on Mac.
You may also choose to "View page source" by performing a right-click on any area of the page.

Make a copy of the source code.

Press Ctrl + A (Windows) or ⌘ + A (Mac) to highlight all of the source code.
To copy, right-click and choose "Copy."

Go to FBDown.Net.In:

Visit the Facebook Private Downloader page at
Copy and paste the copied source code into the website's input field.

Start the download:

Click "Download" to begin.
Depending on your desire, choose the MP4 or MP3 format.
While waiting a few seconds for the file to load into your device, keep pressing the "Download" or "Render" button.

Method 2: Copy the Private Video URL from the Facebook Page That Is Provided.

Copy the given URL

To download a private Facebook video, enter its URL. Take this video, for instance:
Launch the FBDown.Net.In
In the browser, open a new tab.
In the address bar, paste the copied link.
Copy and Paste the Source Data from the Page:

Paste The Link

Make a copy of the whole page source.
Copy and paste it into the FBDown.Net.In box.

Start the download:

Start Download
Click "Download" to begin.
Opt for either the MP4 or MP3 version.
As you wait for the file to load onto your device, keep tapping the "Download" or "Render" button.

Facebook Private Video Downloader Features

This FBDown.Net.In allows users to use this app to acquire private videos of FB easily. It has various notable features that are explained in the below:

Easy To Use Interface

This downloader is available for users who want to download private videos from any FB account. Users can use this FBDown.Net.In and get their favourite private videos on their device. You will not face any difficulty while using this service.

High-Resolution Downloads

When you choose this p; platform for downloading the vFB media, it provides the best quality videos. Users can download the videos with their original quality. Further, the third downloader offers various qualities and users can select it according to their needs.

Updated Constantly

You will not face any issues when using this service. Because this online downloader updates regularly. So, there is no chance of facing any technical issues.


FBDown.Net.In allows users to download any media on Facebook with this online tool. You can use this tool anywhere anytime. It requires no cost to download. Users will get high-quality media after downloading it on their devices. Further, it is easy to use and needs no special skill to download private videos.


Q. Why use FDownload to download Facebook private videos?

Users can use this platform because it offers free services. Users will get the private video on Facebook without any cost. You can also use this tool and get high-quality service.

Q. How to download private Videos on Facebook?

The method is simple, you need to navigate to the Get the video link and paste it to the website, click on the link.

Q. How to download videos from Facebook to iPhone?

You need to use the Safari browser and download the private videos of FB on your iphone. Get the video link and paste it on the website and get the link. Now paste the link in the given space and the video will be available soon.

Q. Do I have to pay to download Facebook private videos?

No, there's no need to pay anything for using this platform.

Q. Where are my videos saved after downloading?

All the media will be saved in your download folder.

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