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Facebook wants to compete with TikTok with its features called reel videos. Users can watch the captive reels also on Facebook's social media app. Nowadays, short videos are trending and people love to watch these short videos. Some users want to download these reels on their dives but it is not possible. Because Facebook does not allow you to download reel videos, Facebook reel video downloaders will help you to get these videos directly on your device.

Facebook Reels Video Downloader by FBDown

FBDown provides access to an outstanding downloader Facebook reel video downloader. Users can use this downloader and download any favourite reel within seconds on their device. Additionally, you will get the HD-quality video of the reel. As the short videos like reels demand is rising you can easily download them on your device and reuse them. Further, it will not charge any amount or need any subscription. So, use the FBDown and get your favourite reels.

How To Download Facebook Reels Video With FBDown?

Use the FBDown reel downloader and you will experience high-quality videos. The downloading method is straightforward and you will get the reel within seconds on your device. Here is the step-by-step guide available for your convenience.

Copy The FB Reel Link

Open the Facebook app and go to the reels section. Select your favourite FB reel and copy the URL link of this reel.

Paste Link

Now open the FBDown.Net.In on your browser and paste the link in the given field. Tap on the download option and the process will start.

Download Reel

After a few seconds, the process will complete and you will get the reel on your device.

Why Select the FBDown Facebook Reels Video Downloader?

FBDown offers a variety of functions and users use this platform due to these functions. The following are the details of all these features.

Variety of Formats

When you are using this platform, you will find a variety of formats for video downloading. Users can download the video in MP4 format using notable devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Download Video and Sounds

Users can use this online downloader service to download both sounds and videos. You will not face any type of restriction for using this app. Further, users will get this content to its original quality.

Light and Fast

FBDown.Net.in online downloader works smoothly. It is a light service and works fast. Users can download FB reels with the help of this service quickly. There is no need to install any additional app or extension for using this platform.

Supporting Worldwide

Users can operate this app anywhere, you will not need to worry about your geographical location. Users can use this online service worldwide. It is one of the incredible reasons to use this online downloader.

Use with Zero Charge

Further, users can use this downloader for free. All the features are available with zero amount. There is no need to pay a single amount for downloading the FB reels on your device.


This incredible online downloader FBDown allows you to use any device for using this platform. Users can use any device like Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows to get access to this downloader.

Key Features of FBDown Facebook Reels Video Downloader

FBDown for Downloading on Android

If you are an Android user, you can use this app. It allows you to download anything including reels and other media. Developers of this app especially design an app for downloading directly on your device. So, Android users download FB reels more conveniently with the help of this app. The following is the process to download reels using the FBDown app.

  1. First, the user needs to get the link of the FB reel from Facebook
  2. Now, open the FBDown app and paste the link in the given space.
  3. Finally, you can enjoy the FB reels in offline mode and also share them with your friends.
  4. How To Get The Facebook Reels Video URL?
  5. The process is easy to get the URL of any FB video:
  6. Open FB and search for the reel you want to download.
  7. Go to the share option and get the URL of the video.
  8. Paste the link in the FBDown and get the reel into MP4 format.

Final Remarks

FBDown online service provides the option of a reel downloader. You can use the Facebook reel video downloader and get the reel directly on your device. This online service delivers high-quality downloads. Further, users will get unlimited and free real videos downloaded using this remarkable service.


Q. Why use FBDown to download Facebook reels?

FBDown offers to deliver high-quality FB reels for users. Further, you can use this service free of cost. Additionally, it is a user-friendly app for downloading FB reels.

Q. How to download FB reels to your mobile phone or computer?

Users can use this downloader without any worry. The complete process is mentioned above and with the help of this user can get the reels within seconds.

Q. Is reel video legal?

Yes, FB reels operate under legal boundaries.

Q. How to download FB reels to Android or iOS?

Users can use the online service of FBDown and download the reels of FB. Android users can also use the FBDown to download the FB reels.

Q. Is Facebook reel download safe?

Yes, it is safe and 100% secure to use the Facebook reel downloader.

Q. Why can't I download FB reels?

You must ensure that you follow the complete process exactly, and check your internet connection.

Q. Where can I download a video reel?

FBDown.Net.In is an online platform for downloading the FV video reels.

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